Feed your brain & learn in a Snip

Learning has never been so easy. LearnSnip is simple, effective & very addictive.

Learn anywhere, anytime at your own pace.

Meet the Benefits

LearnSnip is very effective for learning anything, here's why...

So simple to use

LearnSnip has a simple learning interface, designed for mobile and desktop users, there really is nothing quite like it.

A unique experience

As you progress through your learning experience you are awarded points and encouraged to continue with the introduction of animated gifs & emojis.

Learn at your own pace

You control the speed of your learning. Stop at any time then start again exactly where you left off, it's so versatile you can learn anywhere, anytime!

Here's some cool features

LearnSnip has many features here's a few...

So simple to use

LearnSnip is so simple it's addictive! all you have to do is click/tap the NEXT button to continue with your learning, as you progress information is revealed.

Content is broken up in bite size snippets of information we like to call Snips.

take notes as you learn

As you progress through the learning Snips you can take notes, simply click/tap what content you want to highlight then write your notes, these are stored in the notes tab. Then to review, just click a note to scroll to the previously highlighted content. Simple & effective!

inline quesitons

Questions will popup testing you on what you have learned previously, get them right and you'll gain BrainPoints which are added to your total score! Reach BrainScore milestones to unlock premium courses and more! We've made learning so much fun!

A truly unique learning experience

Simple and effective, we love it and we're sure you will too!

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