Learn Anywhere

Learning has never been so easy. LearnSnip is simple, effective & very addictive.

​So simple to use

​LearnSnip has a simple learning interface, designed for mobile and desktop users, there really is nothing quite like it.

A unique experience

​As you progress through your learning experience you are awarded points and encouraged to continue with the introduction of animated gifs & emojis.

Learn at your own pace

​You control the speed of your learning. Stop at any time then start again exactly where you left off, it's so versatile you can learn anywhere, anytime!

Why Choose LearnSnip?

Just some of the reasons why ​schools and businesses choose LearnSnip ​for their ​online learning...


​​Bite Sized ​Content

​Content is ​delivered in bite sized snipets helping students consume and retain more information.


​Mobile Optimized

LearnSnip provides a great mobile learning experience on mobile, tablets and desktop users.


Step By Step

No skipping, users can't progress until content has been read right down to the last sentence read.

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Course Creation

Cut course production by up to 80% and update courses instantly.

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Embed Anywhere

Add learning modules and courses to any website and track user progress.

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Learn As You Go

A true learn as you go interface makes learning a snip anywhere anytime at your own pace.

We've helped many organisations provide a truly unique learning experience, ​contact us to see how we can help...

​Emma Lander

​The click-through for each new piece of text was great. It meant I didn't get overwhelmed by lots of text on screen. Easier to learn via bite-sized bits of info.

​Claire Jenkins

​Simple, straight forward to use, very well optimized for mobile, looks good! Also very much like the notes feature.

​​James Gander

​I liked the way that when I got a question wrong it took me to the the notes. Very good.